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USB Safely Remove 5.2

Full-featured utility to remove all your USB devices from your PC in a safe way
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USB Safely Remove is much more than just an alternative to the inbuilt Windows “Safely Remove Hardware” option. Apart from the functionality that Windows offers you, this comprehensive utility allows you to customize the way your USB devices are shown and behave when plugged into your computer, including device renaming, drive hiding, autorun, etc.

The program’s main interface will show you all the devices connected to your computer, including those that come fixed to it, such as a webcam. Besides, whenever you plug in a new device, a balloon will show up in the lower left corner of your screen showing you basic yet useful information about it. But it is when you open the device properties window or the settings dialog that the beauty and the extensive functionality of this tool become evident.

The window that shows the properties of a device will allow you to change the default device name, assign a new icon to it as well as a hotkey for stopping the device, and to define which program or programs will be run automatically before and after stopping and removing a specific device. The options dialog offers you even more possibilities, regarding the look and feel of the information provided, the hotkeys assigned, the skins used, the program’s notifications, the drive letters, and many other functions.

To sum up, USB Safely Remove will not only make Windows hardware removal option redundant, but will also allow you to have a better knowledge of and a higher control on all your USB devices.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Provides you with comprehensive information about all your USB devices.
  • Allows you to personalize your USB devices.
  • Highly customizable


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