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It can avoid the inconveniences of Windows USB removal tool
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USB Safely Remove can avoid the inconvenience of using Windows built-in USB removal tool. In this regard, this small utility can help you manage devices connected to your computer via USB. Thus, you can evade the confusion that arises when Windows identifies all devices with the same name. In addition, you can easily hide the devices you don’t want to be stopped from the application’s menu.

The tool starts automatically with Windows and runs from the System Tray. So, when you need to stop a device, just click on the program´s icon and select the corresponding name. Similarly, you can use the right click to access other options. However, if you find this way too bothersome, you can use hotkeys instead. Likewise, the program supports executing commands from the command line.

Another useful feature of the tool is that you can change a device name without using Windows file manager. Besides, it allows you to hide empty card readers and assign fixed drive letters to connected devices. It allows to power-off external hard disks connected to your PC and stop them from spinning without actually unplugging them. Finally, one particular feature I liked about it is that you no longer need to unplug a device and plug it back when you want to use it right after you have stopped it. Instead, pressing a button will start the device again.

In general, USB Safely Remove can save a lot of time and efforts. One of the most convenient advantages of the tool is that it can show you what is preventing a given device from being stopped. Thus, you can decide to close processes or applications that are currently being used on the device.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It is more convenient than Windows built-in removal tool.
  • It can let you close applications and processes that are using a particular device.
  • You can start a device back right after you have stopped


  • The help documents contain some language errors
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