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Removing your USB external drives safely is a must if you want to avoid losing data or damaging the drive itself. USB Safely Remove not only stops and removes your USB devices quickly and safely, but also offers you a wide range of extra features and functions that make USB removal an easy and rewarding task.

We all know that Windows already comes with its native USB safe removal tool, so the question is why we need an extra utility like USB Safely Remove to perform that task. Well, if you only want to remove your external devices safely and don’t complain when Windows is incapable of finishing the task for reasons beyond me, then you’re covered. However, if you need a tool that does remove all USB devices no matter what, stops any USB device – even forcibly, if so required –, and lets you reconnect it without having to unplug and plug it again, among other interesting features, then you will find that the Windows removal tool is shamefully insufficient.

USB Safely Remove will open a small window on the task bar where you will find all your USB devices neatly listed. This menu-like dialog will let you stop, remove, hide, or show any of your external drives using the context menu provided. The program’s main interface offers you both these options and then some more. Here you can see all your USB devices, both those displayed in the menu and the hidden ones. You can also stop and start your devices from here with just one click, assign an icon and/or a hotkey to them, and even change their drive letter to help you organize all your devices.

What I probably like most about this tool is the use it makes of two important concepts - stopping a device and removing it. Traditionally, a device connected on your PC is active and reachable for as long as it is plugged in. With this tool, you won’t need to unplug your USB devices to stop them, thus preventing unwanted accesses from your PC or remotely. You can even hide them from view if necessary without removing them. Whenever you need to browse or access a file on one of these drives, all you have to do is reactivate it using USB Safely Remove.

Another excellent function will let you stop a given device even when it’s being blocked by one or more programs. You can see which programs are accessing it, which will give you the option to close them manually in order to remove your device. The other option is to stop the device forcibly, a feature that you will not find in your OS native tool. You can even disconnect SATA/USB devices that the Windows menu is unable to display.

These are but the most prominent features, but there is a long list of other functions and possibilities, though I’ll leave those for you to discover. USB Safely Remove is probably the most comprehensive utility that you will find to deal with your USB external drives, and it’s certainly worth trying.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers many more features than those in the Windows USB removal tool.
  • Allows you to forcibly stop a device.
  • Can reactivate a stopped device with one click.
  • Renames and assign icons to devices


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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